How did this begin? Or why did i start Omniversita…

Omniversita was born on the first day I sent Yehal, my oldest child, to school. The idea that I had 30 years to spare him from the same “educational” process that I went through and had done nothing, hit me like a punch in the face. I knew that there wasn’t much I could do to change the experience he was about to go through, 12 school years, that are transforming him, from a bright and curious natural learner, to a typical kid that’s trying to game his way through the system.

But I want to be ready for him on the other side and change the way he will experiences higher education. For that we need to totally reshape higher education to fit the challenges that we are facing today, and that he will just a few years down the road.

Drawing on my own experince that includes being on both sides of the teaching desk: Six years in academia, graduating with a masters in media, Teaching and building the Digital track in the Ariel University Center and over 20 as a professional Innovation/Digital everything (more on this in a pending post) I can say that I understand the gap between the current system and the need.

From all my education I can point at a handful of books and online talks that influenced me deeply (none of which consumed as part of my formal education) and a number of (mostly online) communities through which I have learned my most useful skills , including the development and design of the website you are reading now. These lead me to the understanding that education is an activity done from a place that we seldomly reach in universities, and that we are out to create at the Omniversita.

How do we learn?

Omniverstia is a hybrid learning environment, combining the best of traditional/physical education with all the opportunity that online/digital education has to offer. We believe the learning occurs through an emotional process, that requires interaction with people, with a community, but that community doesn’t necessarily have to include the teacher – as physical teachers tend to raise the costs, narrow the choice of topics and there are generally not enough real good ones to go around. Instead we work together on projects using a huge variety of online sources and the strength of our community to learn the skills we need to complete the projects.

What Diploma do we offer?

We offer something much better than a diploma. Our graduates leave with a portfolio of real work, and real clients. We know that an ever growing percentage of employers are happier hiring candidates that demonstrate what they can do rather then have a diploma that says that they went through a process. Alongside whatever you leave with, you also enjoy being part of the Omniversita professional network, where anybody can see your portfolio, feedback you received from your peers and a list of course you took and contact you directly – As they know that they are dealing with someone was raised to value, what the best companies in the industry are looking for.