We are developing a methodology to strengthen values of Personal responsibility, Entrepreneurship and self-education.

Prepare yourself
for a world.

By implementing Project-based Peer-2-Peer Learning in a Physical/Digital Hybrid environment, we’re making education a true 21th century experience. 


It's not what you learn,
It's how you learn it...
Real skills that you'll actually need.

Our Classroom

Our Classroom



The Knowledge

The Knowledge

Your Projects

Your Projects

How do we Learn? 

The learning at Omniversita is project based, meaning that you take projects and figure them out. You might want to take an online course from the library to learn a skill you need, you might have to put together a team to get the job done. But at the end you’ll have a Real product, that people will use and that you can proudly add to your portfolio. 

Alongside the projects we encourage students to explore and deepen their knowledge in a wide array of fields. Our library offers a huge selection of books in all modalities (audio,kindle, paper) and courses. The combination of continuous learning and putting that knowledge to use is the secret of your success. 

The Teachers We never meet them, as we rather they invest time in developing and sharing ideas, than standing in a class.


Seth Godin

Marketing & Life
Product Development

Eric Ries

Product Development
Product Development

Sheryl Sandberg

Product Development

Simon Sinek

Communication & Business Philosophy
Community building

Amanda Palmer

Community building & Crowdfunding

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Amenities & Equipments

Omniverstia is packed with a whole lot of physical and digital goodies to make sure you’re learning and working in a cutting edge, most up to date environment possible. We do our best to predict what will the market be using when you graduate, so what you learn is what you work with. We’ll have a list of utilities at student disposal from a wide range of partners soon, sign up to recive email updates and you’ll be first to hear about them.  

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