The Path

Omniversita is about creating a space, or a frontier for you to explore, rather then a predefined program, still a path is a good lead into the wilderness. Most of us need a short runway in order to take off and a clear landing zone to make sure you’re back with your feet on the ground at the end. Think of the mandatory projects as your runway and the practical apprenticeship phase as a way to land, and if we were to try drawing out the path we’d say the Omniversita experience goes something like this:

Year 1

  • T - 3 Months

    The Gathering

    This is where the magic happens and a group made of your peers is formed. Together you will explore, learn and play. But who will be part and who won’t – that depends on you. 

  • T


    Come happy, don’t judge others and immerse yourself in all the Hub has to offer. Get to know your new home, friends and see what projects you’d like to embrace on first.  

  • T + 7 days * n

    Weekly All Hands

    Every Thursday it’s show and tell. Listen to what other are up to and share your challenges and success. We’re all in the same ship, which flies on information, sharing and learning is what we’re all there for.  

  • T + 3 Months * n

    The Quarterly

    Lets leave this as a surprise. Just say we work really hard towards it and party when it ends. The name implies it happens four times a year. 

  • T + 8 Months

    The Crossroad

    Working at the hub is only prat of your learning process, it’s time to spread your wings and go work outside. Each of you by now has a her or his apprenticeship – go make us proud!  

  • T + 12 months


    See you next year.